Starting January 1, 2021, we’re asking that you do one additional thing when you visit your local liquor store. When you get there or before you leave, please #AskForSeven16Vodka!

Here’s why…

Typically when a store accepts a new brand, they will want the brand to do tastings in order to provide the public a chance to sample the brand in hopes they will purchase it. Because of the pandemic, having a tasting seems risky for store owners and brand owners alike. This has been the reason some owners have stated for not taking on our brand. We’ve even been told a few times, “once people ask for it, we’ll call you”. For those who have enjoyed Seven 16 Vodka, you know just how good it is! We want to make this enjoyment convenient and easily available at your local liquor store. We need YOUR help to do that! This is why we’re requesting that you #AskForSeven16Vodka when you visit any liquor store. Ask until you see it in the store! The more people asking, the faster we can get it to your local store! We look forward to sharing a cup with you and as always, please enjoy Seven 16 responsibly!

Grab a bottle of Seven 16 TODAY!!!


A+ Wine & Spirits

10573 Theodore Green Blvd
White Plains, MD


12788 Old Fort Road, Suite B
Fort Washington, MD

Chat’s Liquors on Capitol Hill

503 8th St SE
Washington, DC


5711 Silver Hill Road
District Heights, MD


6205 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC

Kim Liquor

3223 Brinkley Road
Temple Hills, MD

Manokeek Wine & Spirits

7091 Berry Road Unit B
Accokeek, MD

Marlton Liquor

9518 Crain Highway
Upper Marlboro, MD

Minnesota Liquor

2237 Minnesota Avenue SE
Washington, DC

New Kaywood Liquors

2206 Varum Street
Mt. Rainer, MD

Riggs Liquor

5581 South Dakota Ave. NE
Washington, DC

Verified Wines & Fine Spirits

4906 Wisconsin Ave
Washington, DC


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema DC

630 Rhode Island Avenue NE
Washington, DC

E & J Bar and Grill

15800 Brandywine Road
Brandywine, MD

The New Elroy Bar DC

1423 H Street NE
Washington, DC


Ben’s Next Door

1211 U Street NW
Washington, DC

Olde Towne Inn – “OTI”

14745 Main Street
Upper Marlboro, MD

Martin’s Tavern

1264 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC